Air Bike Pump with Universal Needles,Portable Ball Inflator,Suitables for Sports Balls-Basketball,Volleyball Football & Soccer Ball,Party Supplies-Balloon,Small Pool etc,Travel Essentials


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  • 1.(About “me”)You must have compared many of my brothers in the buybox I am the smallest small enough to hide in your bagpack or pockets
  • 2.(“My” skills)Soccer Basketball Football Volleyball Water Polo ball Rugby Netball Gym Ball Yoga ball balloon Swim Rings Bicycle.. all you can imagine are my clients.120 psi pressure with build-in boost pressure systemEasy to inflate the bike even children can use it
  • 3.(“My” families)Metal Pin NeedlesPlastic Tapered NozzleBike Mounting Bracket.Looking forward to join the big family of your garage
  • 4.(Travel Partner)I believe that I am looking forward to the holidays as much as you. When playing basketball and volleyball riding a bicycle swimming I can solve your worries. Oh and don not forget to mount me on the bike for a cooler look