EVZOM Basketball Size 7/29.5″ Outdoor Indoor Men Basketball Ball Official Composite Basketballs Game ball Hygroscopic PU


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  • [High quality PU leather and excellent texture] Made of high quality PU leather material it has a soft ball touch and a grip that sticks to your hand. It’s cool to enjoy street basketball in a fashionable way with a ball with a unique design.
  • [Impact resistance and high abrasion resistance] The surface of the ball and the inner winding of the nylon system are integrated to withstand strong impact and friction and the surface does not peel off easily. The middle layer is made of explosion-proof material so it can maintain high atmospheric pressure and it will not explode even if it receives a strong impact and the gas inside will be released slowly so it is highly stable
  • (Excellent elasticity and durable air inlet) Not only is it a soft texture but it also has high elasticity so you can easily control it during training and games. The air inlet of the valve is also durable and can be easily inflated with just a hand pump. The basketball is waterproof so you can wash it with water and the skin will not come off.
  • [Product Specifications/Applicability] Diameter: 24.6CM circumference: 75-76CM weight: 600-650g material: PU material. The size of No. 7 is large so it is recommended for adult beginners college students high school students and junior high school students. Uses: games practice outdoor street basketball basketball play three-on-three. In addition to team and club practice you can practice at your own timing.
  • [Reliable after-sales service] We provide after-sales service for products purchased from us so if there is a problem with the product please feel free to contact us. In addition since the size is measured manually the error range is 1-2mm. (*Note: For convenience of transportation the ball you purchase will be delivered in a deflated state. The air pump (needle) is not included so if necessary please purchase separately. please.)